Thursday, April 2, 2015


I rail on local artists at times for a reason.

I have been there.  I have not only seen my friends make the same mistakes, but I  have made those same mistakes, thinking that I could simply get by on the talent God gave me. Let’s not get it twisted. I had MAD talent back in the day. As a singer, as a writer, as a performer. What I DIDN’T have is the knowledge of the game and the work ethic needed to get to the next level.

Now the reason I rail on the local artists is because I SEE the talent. I SEE the gift. What I don’t see is the commitment to the CRAFT. I see a plethora of cats that called themselves RAPPERS, that call themselves PERFORMERS but ain’t about shit but drinking, smoking and trying to get some ass.

You know another reason I rail on artists? Because there is WAY too much hatred in this area for people running the same race. (The link takes you to an article I wrote about Haters). We don’t live in a gigantic metro area like Chicago or New York where you have a million options and never really have to cross paths with your “competition.” Hell, in Green Bay, we got TWO places.


These are the only two places that are CONSTANTLY showcasing Hip Hop. These are the only two places that are CONSTANTLY supporting the Hip Hop Community in this area.

And those two places seem to be battling each other.

I am not going to call anyone from either place out by name, cause I have mad respect and love for both places. BUT, rumors have been going around that last week, during the Unity Concert and Party at Mixers, people were told NOT to go to Mixers. And part of the rumor was it was folks from Studio 132 doing the talking. These are just rumors. I have no proof of anything, and to be honest, don’t care. Knowing the folks at Studio 132, I don’t believe they would be that petty.

Every rumor, however, comes from a modicum of truth. So someone somewhere said SOMETHING that would even get the rumor started. This is the kind shit that we simply can’t have. We have TWO places where we showcase our music and our culture in Green Bay. Why waste time battling each other?

Simply doesn’t make sense to me. 

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