Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Willie Dubceez Jones is a legend in the world of Green Bay Hip Hop. Before most of the local artists were a twinkle in their daddy’s eye, Dub was rockin’ mics and moving asses. So when he asked ME to be the host of a show that had his name on it, I didn’t even have to think twice. Hell yeah.

The Unity Concert and Party at Mixer’s Lounge was a chance for a number of different artists to put aside the bravado and ego that comes with this genre of music (hip hop) and simply have an opportunity to perform. Not only for the energetic crowd that was there but for the other artists that were participating.

For the most part, it went exactly the way Dub wanted. Great acts doing their thing and rockin’ the mic. I was particularly impressed with TRUE SQ, and TYC, The Young C.E.O. And of course, Handz Onn NEVER disappoints when he grabs the mic. 

Of course, it couldn’t go COMPLETELY smooth. You had to have at least one act just lose their damn mind. Blak Smoke out of Chicago came in and seemed like a cool dude…til he hit the stage. First of all, his music was on his phone. Ok, I suppose with the way phones are nowadays you could probably get away with that. Obviously the DJ (who was DUB) was able to handle playing the music off his phone. But midway through his first song, he gets a PHONE CALL. Really. (I am not smart enough to make this up). Now, correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there a way to basically shut OFF the “getting a phone call in the middle of a damn song” feature on most cell phones? Wouldn’t you think to do that, considering you are the middle of a concert and using your PHONE has your background music?

And THEN, apparently rattled by the fact that his music was interrupted by a phone call, when Dub restarted his song, he couldn’t keep up with his OWN DAMN SONG. So of course, he demanded that Dub start the song AGAIN (for a second time). At THIS point, Dub put his foot down and said no. Blak Smoke’s response? “Ain’t NOBODY touching this mic until I get to rock a song, so put on a beat for me to rock to!!!”

Yeah, bruh, that ain’t gonna happen.

Other than that, (and the fact that two brothas had on big ass dukey chains, those big, 1986 Run DMC rope gold chains) it was a good time.

But it leads me to ask a couple questions. 1). Why aren’t there MORE shows like this in this area? No egos, (for the most part) just artists that want to rock the mic and get themselves heard. 2). Where are the r&b singers? The only singer in the room was Dub. Are there no local SINGERS? Am I missing something?

I also have to give a shout out to Bernard Moore and BeMo Entertainment.
He was shooting some video of the artists (and supporting his acts TYC and Migo Tunes) and getting ready to drop his underground hip-hopmagazine. Can’t WAIT to read that and hopefully work with him down the line.

 It was a great show, and mad love to Dub, and ALL the performers.

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