Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hip Hop Artist Jamal Shane

If you are expecting some bullshit from Jamal Shane, you will be sadly disappointed.

Unlike some of the local hip hop artists in the Green Bay and Fox Valley area, Shane isn’t worried about whether or not he is wearing the right shoes, or rocking a bunch of gaudy bling. He is not overly concerned with how many women want him or how many free drinks he and his entourage can get.

In fact, Shane’s main concern isn’t even his music, all though the Grand Rapids, MI native bust his ass to put out music that is fun, unique and most importantly, REAL. No, for Jamal Shane, the main concern in his life is his five year old son.

“My son has been in the studio with me since he was a week old,” Shane said. “He loves to record. He wants to do his raps.”

The 36 year old single dad has earned the title of veteran in the hip hop game in this area. Since bursting onto scene with the group The HeatHolders in the early 90’s, Shane has pretty much seen and done it all. And although he has been in the game for so long, he still is a very active part of the hip hop scene, and is looking to expand hip hop to the lofty perch that it deserves.

And he is bringing the future, in the form of his young son, along for the ride.

Jamal Shane. You know the name.

What is going on in the life of Jamal Shane? What you got going on right now?

Well, my main concern right now is raising my son. I am full time single parent like many of the people that like my music. So that is what I am on. Kinda putting my music on the backburner for the most part right now. I am still on the scene doing music, though. I am also working with some artists out of California.

Describe your music.

The best way to describe my music is a different kind of hip hop. I got roots that go all the way back to the 80’s. I am from Michigan, and Michigan is a little bit more east coast than it is on this side of the lake. My style is pretty much is me.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Awww, Shit…D.O.C. is one. Paris. The Devil Made Me Do It. Remember that? Spice One was one of move favorites too.

When do you first fall in love with music?

I would have to say since 1989. I Went to my first concert in ’89 and I recorded my first song as well in ’89. I was 12 years old.

As a fan, what was your first concert?

Metallica. This neighbor of mine had an extra ticket.

Tell me about Heat Holders?

That is an old group that I was in. We all grew up together for the most part back in Grand Rapids. When I moved here, I found out it was good so I ended up bringing all my friends up here. My whole crew from Grand Rapids. Once we got here, we got our studio established and started making music. We hit the scene and started doing all kinds of show back in the early 2000’s.

Tell me about the Deluxe 920 Magazine cover.

For me, I had been rapping around here for so long, even before the Heat Holders and the publisher of the magazine blessed me with a phone call one day. She said that she would love to have me on the cover. I was blessed. I got to meet a lot of cool people.

Talk about Intended Hit Crew Productions.

That is something I put together since Heat Holders is now defunct. I enjoy working with other artists. Even more than being solo. I got myself a wonderful beat guy; his name is Con Krucial. He is amazing with music. And I hooked up with a couple of MCs that I respect. Lunatic Poet formerly of Duce Duce Entertainment. And outstanding MC. Working together, we are making a collaborative effort to make good hip hop music.

Name an artist, alive or dead, that you would want to do a song with?

Of course Tupac, but I would LOVE to do a song with Redman.

You are making a mixtape of our all-time favorite songs. What is the FIRST song on it and why?

The first song on there would be “Gotta Get Mine” with MC Breed and Tupac. That song is just one of my favorites. I just love that song.

One song that describes your life.

It would be my song “Whatever it Takes.” Why? Because it is all about my pain and struggle with being a single dad. It is pretty much what my life is right now.

What are some of, in your mind, the good things about the music scene in this area?

One of the good things is how many wonderful artists are coming out of this area. And how open it is for people that WANT to come out and want to do it. And how other people are open to them. People talk about that there isn’t a lot of love around here, but when you look at it compared to other scenes there is.

What are some of the things that need to be improved around here?

More recognition of non-clicks. There are a lot of clicks within this music scene.

Best performance you ever gave.

Did a dope performance up at Main Stage with Dubceez. That was pretty dope.

Worst performance you ever gave.

Probably one of the recent shows I had. I was performing some of my new songs where I am rapping fast, and my wind isn’t like it used to be.

“Don’t wait for a perfect moment; take a moment and make it perfect.” When it comes to your music, what does that statement mean to you?

To me it means don’t miss the moment. I have been rapping and writing for over 20 years now. I am an older cat. I am pushing 40. I write in that moment. I take my emotions in that moment and put it in the song in THAT moment.

Who are some of the local artists that you listen to?

One of my favorites is Stream of Conscienceness. He needs more recognition around here. P-Nice is pretty dope with it. IIlluminosity. Those two young cats are pretty cold with the flow.

When all this is said and done, what do you want people to say about you?

I want them to say that ‘he was a dedicated original artist. A good father and a stand up dude.



  1. Good interview..well written.
    ...jamal you and I started rhyming the same year! And we are the same age!! These collabs are going to be fun...mad respect from the midwests Goddess of the mic...SPRYTE

  2. Awesome interview Dennis, Im gonna definitely check his music out! Its so commendable that he is a single father- Making music as a single mother was so hard for me ... to even get to focus in the studio and write with all the distractions of a crazy kid or two lol.. Respect to this young man!!

    #HipHop :)

  3. thank you all for the kind words ! much respect ! AAAYYYEEE !!!

  4. I am glad to call him a friend! He is a talented artist, but most importantly a great dad. He is always invilved with his son. A quality alot of men are lacking! Just a good, solid guy!

  5. i.e. IntendedHit Crew Productions - Artist Mally Muzik ; great artist and fellow IHCP associate