Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ladies First, Ladies First

I LOVE a good female MC.

I mean, a great flow, nice lyrics, and the confidence to grab the mic and rock the stage with the big boys, that is something VERY entertaining and downright sexy to me.

The question is, WHERE ARE THEY? Where are the MC Lytes? The Queen Latifahs? Hell, I would settle for a Trina or a Lil Mama.

You ask the average hip hop fan to name a female MC RIGHT NOW, and they are hard pressed to come up with an answer. Well, other than Nicki Minaj. You can dissect every record chart around and you won’t find another female MC on them other than Nicki. (Sad commentary: On the Billboard Top Rap Songs chart there is NO female MC this week. KESHA is on the fucking chart, but no female MC. On the R&B/Hip Hop Chart, again, no female MC other than Nicki. JUSTIN BEIBER is on the chart. That just makes me sad).

But I digress. I asked in a social forum did people think that Minaj HELPS or HURTS females in hip hop. The thought process seemed to be split. Some feels she is a hindrance to the game. I have heard people say she isn’t really hip hop, but a cartoon character. But I have also heard that she is the next generation of hip hop (by no other than MC Lyte). I personally am not a big fan. To me, there is no substance to her. Like another one of my blogs asked, what have you got to say? And to me, she doesn’t have anything to say.

Now locally, there are some great artists. (And I will preface what I am about to say with I KNOW I WILL MISS PEOPLE.) My personal favorite? RockzSolid. She on her own could be a movement that takes the ladies back to the heyday of females in hip-hop. Her flow is old school with a fresh feel that works in a new era. Her lyrics are real and from the heart. And most importantly to me, she CARES about her CRAFT. It ain’t about money OR fame with her. It’s about the MUSIC. I got MADE respect for her for that. Check out “BringThat Beat Back.” I actually have it playing while I am writing this.

The best hustler in my opinion? J irja. The Spotlight Queen has been through A LOT in her young life, and it comes out in her music. Her song “Mirror” is probably the realest shit I have heard her do. “Bad Bitch” is anthem for the ladies that are strong and independent. Those songs ALMOST make up for “Ching” which is just an absolute train wreck of a song and should be burned and never played again. Another thing I like about her is that she has that sex appeal. Pretty face. Bangin’ body. But she isn’t over the top with it. And it isn’t forced. It’s a part of who she is.

There are others out there that are doing the damn thing. MC Spryte is a vet in the game. Shania P is cute as a button with a great flow and a bright future. Ms. Felony gives me the same vibe that Rockz does: Very real with hers.

Seems to me the female side of the hip hop game is in good hands around here.



  1. Mz Lollie is a singer & can rap..while yes she is really just getting things started on her own but she has been around & feat on good music with her brother Mr. King for years..Where is Neyta on the list she was one of the 1st to do it for the ladies in Appleton. Fusion was one of the very 1st ladies to grab & rock the Mic. Kween from RFE she had the Ladies Posing on their haters. Just naming a few I didn't see!!

  2. Much Love :))

    Very on point ! I agree 1,000% homie!

  3. Like I said, I AM GOING TO MISS PEOPLE. The ladies I mentioned are simply the first ladies that came to mind for me. I will feature others down the line. This is just the first shot.